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This page contains news about Ioke. The latest news entry is the top most one.

2009-12-23: Ioke P has been released

Exactly one year after the first version of Ioke was released, Ioke P is now released as two companion releases of ikj (0.4.0) and ikc (0.4.0). There are a number of big changes in this release. See announcement at Ioke P.

2009-04-23: Ioke E ikj 0.3.1 and Ioke E ikc 0.1.1 released

Today a new point release of ikj and ikc was made. The release includes smaller bug fixes and no changed functionality.

2009-04-22: Ioke for the CLR, and other news

For recent news, including the release of Ioke for the CLR framework (aka .NET), see Ola Bini's blog at

2009-01-23: Ioke S released

Today the Ioke team is happy to release the first version of Ioke S. It includes numerous updates from Ioke 0 and also is the first release where several contributors have been active with the language implementation.

2008-12-23: Ioke 0 released

The day before Christmas Eve, Ioke 0 was released.