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Ioke 0 was the first release of the Ioke programming language, which happened on December 23, 2008.

Here's the original announcement:

Ioke 0 released

Ioke is a dynamic language targeted at the Java Virtual Machine.
It's been designed from scratch to be a highly flexible general
purpose language. It is a prototype-based programming language that
is inspired by Io, Smalltalk, Lisp and Ruby.

Programming guide:

Ioke 0 is the first release of Ioke, and as such is not production
ready. I would appreciate if people tried it out and reported bugs,
thoughts and ideas.

- Strong, dynamic typing
- Prototype based object orientation
- Homoiconic language
- Simple syntax
- Powerful macro facilities
- Condition system
- Developed using TDD
- Documentation system that combines documentation with specs
- Wedded to the JVM

Ola Bini    -

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